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Probably the most quoted book in any work related to patterns. I actually used a number of Alexander's patterns to design a beach house for an interior architecture class. It is interesting to note that Alexander's desire to dissect architecture and design into a set of composable constructs may stem from his study of mathematics. His thesis published as "Notes on the synthesis of form" references a set of programs that he developed in IBM 7090 assembly code. So the tremendous success of Alexander's patterns in the software community is not quite coincidental.

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More than you ever wanted to know about the inner workings of the CLR...

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ACM on-line library access is required to see the full-text version of this article.

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This book proves the transportability of patterns across domains. Some of Douglass' reliability patterns prove very useful in the context of enterprise messaging.

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The most comprehensive book yet on application architecture patterns. Even though it covers 51 patterns, it is an easy and interesting read while never sacrificing technical accuracy. OK, just buy the dang book :-)

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Surely the second most quoted book in any work on patterns.

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A refreshing look at Web services. Instead of wading through APIs we get to read about the core principles at work in Service-Oriented Architectures in a technology-neutral jargon-free way. This book is likely too high-level for developers itching to make that SOAP call but it is ideal for technical managers and architects who have to explain these concepts to non-techies.

William Kent, Data and Reality, 1stBooks, 2000, ISBN: 1585009709
A classic book (the original edition is from 1978) that tells us why modeling reality inside a computer system is so hard. You can hardcover at Amazon for $45, but 1stBooks offers an electronic version for $8.95 or a $30 paperback version at http://www.1stbooks.com.

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A great book on architecture and design patterns.

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More patterns focused on distributed systems and concurrency issues.

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A list of commonly used pattern forms and their differences.

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The proceedings from the first PLoP conference. These proceedings contain a lot of papers that formed the basis for later books, such as POSA. This volume contain's Frank Buschmann's and Regine Meunier's "A System of Patterns", Regine Meunier's "The Pipes and Filters Architecture", and Diane Mularz' "Pattern-Based Integration Architectures".

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This book focuses on the modeling aspect of workflow -- an interesting read for analysts and business architects alike.

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