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Software Visualization and Model Extraction
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Conversations Between Loosely Coupled Systems
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Enterprise Integration Patterns
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Gregor HohpeHi, I am Gregor Hohpe, co-author of the book Enterprise Integration Patterns. I like to work on and write about asynchronous messaging systems, service-oriented architectures, and all sorts of enterprise computing and architecture topics. I am also an Enterprise Strategist at AWS.
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I call my collection of blog entries "ramblings" because they are based on my personal opinions and observations as opposed to official "articles". The topics cover a variety of topics, ranging from integration, messaging, and conversation patterns to enterprise architects and architecture, events I spoke at as well as patterns and writing.

My blog posts related to IT strategy, enterprise architecture, digital transformation, and cloud have moved to a new home: ArchitectElevator.com.

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Sync or Swim   FEB 15, 2015

We were tempted multiple times to extend the EIP icon language, but always felt that simplicity should win over precision. However, seeing the visual vocabulary that my former Google colleague Ivan Gevirtz created, I am convinced that combining the two is useful. Read more »

DDD - Diagram Driven Design   MAR 22, 2010

Drawing a picture turns out to be a useful system design technique. Read more »

Validating Dynamic Systems   Feb 1, 2007

Erik Doernenburg and I have been presenting our talk on Software Validation a few times now and have received very positive feedback. In the talk we mention that beyond visualization you can use similar techniques to perform checks and validations against a system. However, none of our demos actually included an example. So I went out to correct that and added validations to my messaging visualizer. Read more »

JAOO 2006   Oct 6, 2006

I am just riding the train back from Aarhus (the second largest city in Denmark in case your geography skills are as weak as mine were before my first trip here) to Copenhagen. Many speakers consistently rave about JAOO. The speaker roster, the logistics, the attendees - everything just seems to be very high quality and run very smoothly. This year I was nominated to be track host for the SOA track entitled "SOA - What's Left to Say?" Read more »

EAI DSLs   May 23, 2006

I am so clever. In my very first professional project in the US over 10 years ago I used a DSL to solve an EAI problem. If those buzzwords had been around at the time I would have been pretty cool, too. I guess you can’t have everything. Read more »