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Enterprise Integration Patterns
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Gregor HohpeHi, I am Gregor Hohpe, co-author of the book Enterprise Integration Patterns. I like to work on and write about asynchronous messaging systems, service-oriented architectures, and all sorts of enterprise computing and architecture topics. I am also an Enterprise Strategist at AWS.
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I call my collection of blog entries "ramblings" because they are based on my personal opinions and observations as opposed to official "articles". The topics cover a variety of topics, ranging from integration, messaging, and conversation patterns to enterprise architects and architecture, events I spoke at as well as patterns and writing.

My blog posts related to IT strategy, enterprise architecture, digital transformation, and cloud have moved to a new home: ArchitectElevator.com.

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Free Gift with Subscription (Pattern)   APR 26, 2015

Discussing the Google cloud Pub/Sub system in the last rambling reminded me that the Publish-subscribe Channel pattern makes for a good example of the subtle but important difference between Messaging Patterns and Conversation Patterns. This comparison is timely as I picked up documenting Conversation Patterns again. Read more »

RESTful Conversations   MAR 15, 2015

As indicated a good while ago I spent some time thinking about patterns that instead of following a message through multiple systems, looks at the message exchange over time between a (mostly) fixed set of systems. I call these message exchanges "conversations". Sadly my writing efforts on Conversation Patterns fell very much asleep around 2008, partly due to my fear that with the rise of REST, stateful conversations between systems would step into the background as most integration problems are now solved with a simple POST or GET. A presentation and conversation at Frank Leymann's IaaS PhD Seminar enlightened me that this is not at all true: systems following the REST architectural style very much engage in conversations. Read more »

EIP Visions   JAN 22, 2010

The beginning of a New Year is the time to reflect on the past and make resolutions for the future. It's become my tradition to kick off the year with some reflection on EIP, so here we go. Read more »

Double-Dipping: OOPSLA and Colorado Software Summit   October 27, 2007

I am just returning from a trip to Montreal and Keystone, CO for the OOPSLA and Colorado Software Summit conferences. I spoke on SOA Patterns, workshopped my conversation pattern paper, and gave six talks on event-driven architectures and building mashups using Yahoo! Pipes and Google Mashup Editor. Phew! Read more »

Dagstuhl Seminar   Aug 20, 2006

I just returned from a trip to Germany to attend a workshop on The Role of Business Processes in Service Oriented Architecture. Besides a guaranteed top score in buzzword bingo the workshop provided a unique opportunity to connect thought leaders from academia and industry over the course of a week. The attendee roster sported the usual industry heavyweights, i.e., Microsoft, IBM, SAP, making me proud to add Google to the list.  Read more »

Will the Real Asynchrony Please Stand Up?   May 15, 2005

On a recent project we developed a Web services framework that supports asynchronous callbacks and asynchronous invocation with polling. The difficulties we had describing what we were trying to do to my fellow ThoughtWorkers on other projects prompted me to discuss the different forms of asynchrony in a little more detail. Read more »

Starbucks Does Not Use Two-Phase Commit   November 19, 2004

People often criticize asynchronous messaging solutions as too complicated and cumbersome. Or, they believe distributed solutions cannot be successful unless they include a distributed transaction model. There is little doubt that asynchronous solutions require us to think in new ways as we have to deal with concurrency, out-of-sequence issues, correlation and other. However, the real world is full of examples of asynchronous processes that deal successfully with exactly the same issues. We don't have to go further than the local coffee shop... Read more »

Correlation and Conversations   May 21, 2004

When using asynchronous messaging, we can no longer rely on the linear, in-sequence execution of events. Therefore, the notion of correlating multiple messages is fundamental to designing robust messaging solutions. While correlation seems to be a simple concept at first glance, there are quite a few interesting nuances. Read more »