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Conversations Between Loosely Coupled Systems
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Enterprise Integration Patterns
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These pages are a mix of a blog and a collection of short articles. I call them "ramblings" because these notes are typically based on my personal opinions and observations as opposed to official "articles". As I have a broad background in software and IT, the topics also tend to cover a broad range. Naturally, they include integration, messaging and my current work on conversation patterns. I also tend to ramble about enterprise architects and architecture, events I spoke at as well as patterns and writing.

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Serverless Integration Patterns on Google Cloud Functions   April 20, 2017

After examining which patterns are embedded in Google Cloud Pub/Sub in an earlier post, I implemented a few common patterns on top of Google Cloud Functions, Google's serverless implementation. It's amazing how easy it has become to get messaging patterns running in the cloud with only a minimum of wrapper code. Read more »

Virtualization Matryoshka   July 15, 2015

IT loves virtualizing stuff, following the old rule that in computer science every problem can be solved by just one more level of indirection. Cloud computing is based on virtualization of compute resources - you don't need to know which machine your application is actually running on and you can get new ones with the click of a button. Before cloud was a buzzword, though, VMware and others have virtualized machines at the operating system levels. Recently (in terms of buzz, not technology), containers bring another level of light-weight virtualization of resources. And let's not forget the Java Virtual Machine, which also claims a level of virtualization. What are we supposed to do with all these levels of virtualization? Read more »

Google Cloud Pub/Sub    APR 8, 2015

Google released the beta version of their publish-subscribe API just a few weeks ago. I show how to build a very simple demo app using the Java API and map the functionality to integration patterns to illustrate the design choices the team made. Read more »

Clouds and Integration Patterns at JavaOne   OCT 1, 2009

I joined JavaOne this year as a panelist on Cloud Computing. Here my belated impressions on this year's JavaOne. Read more »

Gregor Hohpe
Hi, I am Gregor Hohpe, co-author of the book Enterprise Integration Patterns. I like to work on and write about asynchronous messaging systems, service-oriented architectures, and all sorts of enterprise computing and architecture topics. I am also the Chief Architect at Allianz SE, one of the largest insurance companies in the world.