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A participant transmits information to a conversation partner.

How can a participant invoke an operation when the it does not have all required information available at the same time?

The requestor transmits information incrementally until it is ready to execute the operation.

The Incremental State Build-up conversation involves the following participants:

Incremental State Build-up requires the provider to allocate resources for the convenience of the consumer. It should therefore employ resource management, such as a Lease. After the invocation of the operation the Provider may immediately release the collected data or keep it for subsequent operations. If it keeps the data, the need for a Lease increases.

The incremental transmission can occur in two "flavors":

Incremental State Build-up introduces a strong form of coupling and chatty network traffic. Because it is stateful, it also requires "stickiness", i.e. the initiator always has to talk to the same provider instance unless the state is explicitly shared across providers. This limits scalability. Incremental State Build-upshould therefore be used with caution. In some cases the finer granularity of the incremental requests can aid reuse if each request relates to a different business entity.

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