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Workflow / Orchestration
Micro Workflow, Dragos Manolescu
Dragos's site contains a lot of information based on his work on workflow patterns, including his Ph.D. thesis on the same topic. He recently joined me at ThoughtWorks as a senior architect. I specifically like his site because his "mug shot" is even worse than mine :-)

Workflow Patterns, Wil van der Aalst, Arthur ter Hofstede, Marlon Dumas
The authors have been document workflow patterns for quite some time and colected them in this Web site. Wil also wrote a good book on Workflow Management.
Jean-Jacques Dubray maintains an excellent site around process management and service-oriented architectures. Many insignhtful articles around process languages, pi-calculus and related topics.

The Business Process Modeling Language specification at BPMI's site. This workflow modeling specification predates Web services. Since, some of the same player (under the leadership of Sun) have put forward WSCI, the Web Services Choreography Interface, which now competes with BPEL (see below).

Specification of the Business Process Execution Language for Web Services, supported by IBM, Microsoft, BEA and others..BPEL incorporates elements of both Microsoft's XLANG and IBM's WSFL.

Web Services Flow Language, IBM
Patterns of System Integration with Enterprise Messaging
Kyle Brown's and Bobby Woolf's paper on messaging patterns, presented at PLoP 2002. Together with my PLoP paper it formed the basis for the book.

Pattern Forms, Wiki-Wiki-Web
A list of commonly used pattern forms and their differences.

Stylized Architecture, Design Patterns, and Objects
Robert T. Monroe, Drew Kompanek, Ralph Melton, David Garlan
Distributed Computing / Integration

A Note on Distributed Computing, Samuel C. Kendall, Jim Waldo, Ann Wollrath and Geoff Wyant, 1994
Object Management Group , 2002
10 years ago Waldo et al. aleady reminded us why attempting to make distribution transparent to developers is a bad idea. I wish more Web services architects read this paper.

EAI Blueprint My ex-colleague Greg Wdowiak keeps a nice collection of articles on EAI and SOI at this site.
UML Profile for Enterprise Application Integration, Object Management Group , 2002
A more formal approach to describing integration solutions, implemented as a UML profile. While it uses some of the same vocabulary as our patterns the focus is on a formal specification language whereas our patterns provide guidance about proper usage and trade-offs.
JMS 1.1 Simplifies Messaging with Unified Domains, Bobby Woolf, IBM DeveloperWorks
This link is no longer active.

Communicating Sequential Processes
C. A. R. Hoare
Communications of the ACM , 1978
ACM on-line library access is required to see the full-text version of this article.