Enterprise Integration Patterns : Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions
Gregor Hohpe, Bobby Woolf
650 pages, $49.99
ISBN 0321200683
Addison-Wesley, 2004

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This highly anticipated book includes all 65 patterns from this site plus more examples and lots of edits. We are now going into the third printing! . [Sample Chapter]

Praise for Enterprise Integration Patterns:

"This book not only provides valuable recipes for approaching integration problems with messaging, it shows tremendous insight into why each approach is useful. The authors have captured and articulated the most common uses of messaging in integration and shown clear ways of approaching complex problems using messaging channels."

Dave Chappell,
Vice President and Chief Technology Evangelist, Sonic Software
Author of "Enterprise Service Bus", "Java Web Services", and "Java Message Service"

"Enterprise Integration Patterns details an emerging trend that will affect all Software & Business Process' Architects in Financial Services, and supports our efforts to be innovative and competitive while still leveraging our customer's legacy system investments. This topic is timely, and the Messaging & Workflow patterns are described in a concise and execution-driven fashion -- highly relevant & immediately applicable in today's event-driven and information-intensive environments. "

Glenn Cameron
Director of Middleware Solutions Architecture, Thomson Financial

"If you are involved with the operation or development of an enterprise application, there will doubtless come a time when you will need to integrate your application with another using the emerging preferred approach of messaging. When that time comes, this book will be your most valuable reference. Bobby and Gregor have done a masterful job of collecting the hard-won wisdom of the software development profession on the topic of application integration using messaging, and neatly organizing it into a set of patterns - the preferred form for communication of design knowledge between software professionals. The result is a vocabulary and set of proven solutions that software professionals can use to design and discuss enterprise application integrations."

Randy Stafford
Chief Architect, IQNavigator, Inc.

"In addition to covering basics like pub-sub and guaranteed delivery, Enterprise Integration Patterns provides an architect's sourcebook of higher-level patterns that describe how messaging is actually *used*. The book is as much about describing and building messaging-based applications as it is about integration, and the patterns -- like Routing Slip, Aggregator, or Resequencer -- will serve developers well in both integration and in ground-up application development projects."

Paul Brown
CEO, FiveSight Technologies, Inc.

"Enterprise Integration Patterns is a landmark achievement. The integration world has been plagued by a veritable lack of consistency in even the language used to talk about integration, never mind the software or protocol standards. This book finally provides the opportunity to change all that so that everyone: vendors, consultants, developers, and end-users, can all start communicating via a common lexicon. If there is any one development that will move integration best practices out of the middle-ages and launch a renaissance movement towards creating a formal discipline for integration world-wide, this is it! A must have for the bookshelf of every IT architect, developer and integrator."

John Schmidt
Board Member, EAI Industry Consortium

Enterprise Integration Patterns provides a timeless foundation to understand the present and future of integration. The authors use patterns to effectively capture and share their tremendous wisdom and experience. I learned a great deal in reviewing and reading this book, and I look forward to relying on its advice in the years to come.

Luke Hohmann
Author of Beyond Software Architecture