Simple Messaging Toolkit Release Notes

March 22, 2007

  • Fixed bug: Barista (and other components) would not work properly if messages were already queued up on the input channel.
  • New feature: you can change the item strings in the drop-downs of the Customer component. These strings are also embedded into the XML document generated by the Customer. This allows you to use the toolkit in different contexts or domains. The customer.bat command line syntax is as follows:
    customer outputChannel "item1,item2,item3"
    The list of items has to be comma separated. Whitespace around the commas becomes part of the item text. The second parameter has to be enclosed in double quotes to avoid having it split up by the command line processor. The feature only works in the ExercisesViz folder.

Feb 2, 2007

  • Ported to .Net 2.0
  • Added validator. Visualizer now generates file validation.html that describes potential error situations in the message graph. For more information see Validating Dynamic Systems.