Enterprise Integration Patterns

The Loan Broker MSMQ Example (Chapter 9)


This example is the executable version of the example in Chapter 9 of Enterprise Integraiton Patterns (Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0321200683). The example is implemented in C# and requires the following components:


Unzip the ZIP file into an empty directory. You should see sub-folders for the individual programs, e.g. Bank and CreditBureau.

Double-click the file ComposedMessaging.sln. This will start Visual Studio. Select "Build Solution".


Run TestLoanBroker.bat. This batch script opens multiple command windows, one for each credit bureau (3) and one for each bank (5). It also opens one window for the Loan Broker process and one window for the test client. The test client sends 50 random requests to the loan broker. After it receives all 50 responses, it displays summary statistics.

You can close the console windows by hitting the Enter key.